AI Clinical Calculators

Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently emerged as innovative tool that might be of great advantage in our everyday clinical practice. However, as with every new technology it is still unclear how reliable the information that AI can provide. Therefore we have used the new function of customized ChatGPT 4.0 to create dedicated calculators for some of the most important scales that we use in our everyday practice in cranial and spinal surgery and evaluate the opinion of neurosurgeons and other practitioners about this new technology. It is easy to enter information in these calculators - you just have to present the basic clinical data (like you present a patient history to a colleague) that the score requires and the AI will guide you through the process. We would be glad if you share your opinion regarding the potential benefits and disadvantages of the technology in the questionnaire link below (coming soon). These calculators are not intended for clinical use and can not be used for decision making, due to the novelty of the technology and lack of robust studies regarding the use of AI in decision clinical making.