Brain anatomy

Subcortical white matter

Insula And SLF
Subcortical white matter dissection. The grey matter (gyral and sucal pattern) arround the insula is removed and the superior longitudinal fasciculus is presented.
Capsula extrema
The insular gyral and sulcal pattern is removed presenting the capsula extrema, white matter tracts between the insula and the claustrum.
Lentiform nucleus and capsula externa
The capsula extrema and the claustrum are removed presenting the lentiform nucleus, capsula externa and visual apthways to the occipital lobe (Mayer’s loop). The uncinate fasciculus between the frontal and temporal lobe is presented.
Internal capsule
The lentiform nucleus is removed and the internal capsule is presented. The uncinate fasciculus connecting the frontal and temporal lobe is better visualised as well as the anterior commissure.