Brain anatomy

Cranial dura, venous sinuses, cranial nerves

Convexity dura matter
The superior sagittal sinus with the associated Pacchionian granulations. The blood supply to the dura comes from branches of the middle meningeal artery.
Sagital sinus opened Convexity Dura
The outer layer of the superior sagittal sinus is opened and the inner sinus layer with the bridging veins is presented.
Convexity Dura unfolded
The convexity dura is reflected backwards revealing the brain. Note the bridging veins and the arachnoid granulations.
Falx cerebri
The brain is removed and the falx ceebri, tentorium as well as venous sinuses and cranial nerves are presented.
Tentorium cerebri ans skull base anatomy after falx and supratentorial dura are reflected.
Skull base and cranial nerves
Anatomy of skull base and cranial nerves.
Skull base dura reflected
The middle fossa skull base dura is reflected and the cavernous sinus is exposed as well as the Meckel’s cave. Nerves within the cavernous sinus are visible. Middle meningeal artery and its dural course is visible.