Brain anatomy

Arachnoid membrane, basal cisterns

Human brain with arachnoid membrane
Whole brain photogrammetry scan of human brain specimen with arachnoid membrane preserved.
Annotations Vertebral artery, Basilar artery, AICA, SCA, PCA, Chiasma opticum and optic nerves, Oculomotor nerve, Pacchioni granulation, Cisterna magna, Trigeminal nerve, VII/VIII nerve complex, PICA, Temporal lobe, Frontal lobe, Occipital lobe, Middle cerebral artery, ICA, ACA, Vein of Throlard, Vein of Labbe, Anterior sylvian point, Sylvian cistern, Olfactory n., Interhemispheric fissure, Parietal lobe
Brain cisterns
Contrast enhanced (through lumbar puncture) computed tomography scan.
This is a case of traumatic brain injury, frontal bone fracture, frontal sinus fracture, frontal skull base fracture. In yellow the contras material in the brain arachnoid cisterns is presented indicating the cerebrospinal fluid leak from the cribriform plate and frontal sinus. The main basal cisterns are presented.
Annotations Fracture line, Frontal sinus, Cerebrospinal fluid leak through the cribriform plate, Contrast material in the olfactory cistern, Contrast material in the sylvian cistern, Quadrigeminal cistern, Sylvian fissure/cistern, Interhemispheric cistern, Lamina terminalis cistern, Chiasmatic cistern, Carotid cistern, Interpeduncular cistern, Crural cistern, Cisterna magna, Ambient cistern, Vein of Galen cistern