Brain anatomy

Third, lateral ventricle, basal ganglia, internal capsule

Lateral ventricle
Lateral ventricle and the foramen of Monro are presented.
Corpus callosum and fornix
The corpus callosum was eleveted and the fornix better presented.
Third ventricle, basal ganglia pineal recess
The choroid plexus is removed together with third ventricle roof (fornix and tela choroidea with internal cerebral veins). The third ventricle as well as pineal recess is presented. The thalamus nucleus caudatus are presented.
Hypocampus and the temporal horn of the lateral ventricle
Temporal lobe resection. The lateral ventricle with the hypocampus is presented. The anterior choroid artery at the anterior choroidal point is presented.
Thalamus/hypothalamus nucleus caudatus and opitic tract
The basal ganglia are presented as separate section. The optic tract to corpus geniculatum laterale, as well as pulvinar thalami are presented.
Basal ganglia axial section
Axial section trough the basal ganglia, presenting their interal structure as well as the withe matter tracts - external capsule, internal capsule
Third Ventricle
Third vertricle sagital view.