Brain anatomy

Third and lateral ventricles

1.Ventricles outline
Needles have been placed at the lateral ventricle, frontal and temporal horns outlining its boundaries.
2. Lateral and third ventricle
3. Insula, lateral and third ventricles
4. Foramen of Monroe, axial cut
5. Third ventricle and fornix
6. Third ventricle coronal cut
7. Insula and lateral ventricle
8. Hippocampus, fourth nerve and perforating arteries
9. Internal cerebral veins
10. Third ventricle
11. Lateral ventricle
12. Corpus callosum and fornix
The corpus callosum was eleveted and the fornix better presented.
13. Third ventricle, basal ganglia pineal recess
The choroid plexus is removed together with third ventricle roof (fornix and tela choroidea with internal cerebral veins). The third ventricle as well as pineal recess is presented. The thalamus nucleus caudatus are presented.
14.  Hippocampus and lateral ventricle
15. Thalamus/hypothalamus nucleus caudatus and opitic tract
The basal ganglia are presented as separate section. The optic tract to corpus geniculatum laterale, as well as pulvinar thalami are presented.
16. Third Ventricle
Third vertricle sagital view.