Cranial nerve anatomy


This material is accepted for publication in Operative Neurosurgery journal and is under production. More details will come soon.
01. IX,X, XI, XII nerves
The digastric m. (posterior belly) is removed. The facial nerve (1) exiting the stylomastoid foramen is exposed.
02. Cerebellopontine angle
This is a 3D models combined from macrophotography and micro 3D model of the CP (cerebellopontine angle) generated from microscope images. The craniotomy was extended to the mastoid emissary vein. The dura was opened and the vertebral artery V4 (intradural segment) is presented. The anatomy of the cerebellopontine angle is presented. The nerves - IX, X, XI entering the jugular foramen are presented. The VII/VIII nerve complex entering the IAC (internal accoustic canal) are visualised. The Tuebingen line is indicated as a mark of the position of the IAC.