Neck Region

Anterior neck region dissection

Platisma m. 
Right neck region dissection. The skin has been removed. The platisma muscle as well as external jugular vein and supraclavicular nn. are presented.
Supraclavicular and cutaneous innervation
The platisma muscle has been removed. The supraclavicular nn, auricularis magnus n. and transverse cervical nn are visible. The accessory (XI cranial) nerve is exposed.
Superficial Muscle Anatomy
The superficial neck fascia is removed. The neck musles are revealed.
Hypoglossal n. and carotid artery
The submandibular gland is retracted revealing the hypoglossal (XII) cranial nerve. The carotid sheath is opened and the common, internal and external carotid arteries are presented including the syperior laryngeal a.
Superior Laryngeal N Facial And Lyngual A
The external and interna carotid arteries are clearly visibe. Superior Laryngeal n. Facial and Lingual a. are presented.
Accessory Nerve And Asa Cervicalis
The sternal head of the sternocleidomastoid m. is mobilized and retracted posteriorly, exposing it;s innervation byt the accessory nerve. The ansa cervicalis is presented, providing innervation to thyrohyoid and sternothyroid mm.
Vagus Nerve
The carotid sheath has been opened and the vagus nerve exposed
Sympathetic Chain
The carotid artery is retracted laterally and the sympathetic chain laying on the longus capitis and longus colli is presented.
Thyroid Gland Sterno-Thyroid m
The sternohyoid m. is elevated the the sterno-thyroid m. with the thyroid glad is presented. The trachea is visible below the thyroid gland
Thyroid Gland - Sternothyroid m. Elevated
On this 3D scan the sternohyoid, sternothyroid and omohyoid myscles are elevated the and their innervation from ansa cervicalis presented. The thyroid glad is presented.
Great Cervical Vessels
The sternohyoid, omohyoid and sternothyroid mm. are removed and the great cervical vessels (Internal carotid artery and jugular vein) are presented.
Pectoral And Infraclavicular Region
Brachial Plexus
The clavicle has been desarticulated from the sternoclavicular joint and retracted inferiorly. The subclavian artery is revealed as well as branches of the thyrocervical trunc - transverse cervical artery, suprascapular artery.
Vertebral Artery V1
The Osteal (V1 ) segment of the vertebral artery is exposed as well as the thyrocervical trunk and its branches (inferior thyroid a, ascending cervical a. and the suprascapular a.). Internal thoracic a. is also presented.
Prevertebral fascia
The trachea and esophagos are retracted and the prevertebral fascia with longus coli and anterior scalene muscle is presented. the sympathetic chain is visible.