Paraspinal muscles

Anatomy of back muscles

Part of these dissections are published as open access papers in Cureus journal

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Toma Spiriev  1 , Atanas Mitev  2 , Viktor Stoykov  2 , Nikolay Dimitrov  2 , Ivan Maslarski  2 , Vladimir Nakov  3 Three-Dimensional Immersive Photorealistic Layered Dissection of Superficial and Deep Back Muscles: Anatomical Study. Cureus 2022 Jul 11;14(7):e26727. doi: 10.7759/cureus.26727. eCollection 2022 Jul.
Model. 1 Superficial muscle anatomy of the back – extrinsic (superficial) muscles
Model. 2 Right trapezius muscle is mobilized and reflected laterally showing its innervation (Accessory nerve)
Model. 3 Rhomboid muscles are mobilized and refelcted
Model. 4 Trapezius, splenius capitis and cervicis muscles are reflected laterally
Model. 5 The semispinalis capitis muscle is reflected and the semispinalis cervicis muscle as well as the occipital triangle are presented.
Model. 6 The latissimus dorsi muscle is fully dissected and presented.
Model. 7 The right latissimus dorsi muscle is mobilized and reflected revealing its innervation and vasculature (thoracodorsal artery and nerve).
Model. 8 Erector spinae muscles presented.
Model. 9 The iliocostalis m. is mobilised and its attachments presented.
Model. 10 Longissimus muscle reflected.
Model. 11 The deepest muscles of the back are presented - suboccipital triangle and multifidus mm.