Spine bone anatomy

Cervical spine

C1 Vertebra
Photogrammetry scan of the C1 vertebrae anatomy.
C2 Vertebra
Photogrammetry scan of the C2 vertebrae anatomy.
Cervical C3-C6 Vertebrae
Photogrammetry scan of C3-C6 verbral anatomy.
C7 Vertebrae
Photogrammetry scan of C7 vertebra.
C1-C2 Vertebral artery
In neutral position, the vertical and horizontal portions of the V3 segment of the vertebral artery are perpendicular. After the head is rotated to contralateral side and extended (as required by the anterolateral approach) both segments are stretched and run parallel, only separated by the groove of the posterior arch of the atlas.
Cervical and Thoracic Spine
Phtogrammetry scan of the thoracic and cervical spine antomy.
Cervical Segement subaxial spine