Upper extremity peripheral nerve approaches

Carpal tunnel release

01. Transverse carpal ligament exposure
Left side carpal tunnel release stepwise dissection.
02. Carpal tunnel release
The transverse carpal lig. was resected and the median n. exposed.
03. Variant artery at the carpal canal
Variant artery just below the the transverse carpal ligament.
04. Carpal Tunel Artery
This is a rare variation of an artery with the carpal canal passing under the transverse carpal ligament.
05. Artery within the carpal canal retracted and the median n. exposed
The variant artery within the carpal canal is retracted laterally and the median n. is exposed below it. The ulnar nerve is exposed.
06. Forearm dissection
The whole forearm was dissected in order to follow the course of the artery. The brachial artery is preseted at the cubital fossa, as well as the radial artery.