Preoperative 3D Planning

Preoperative 3D planning in cranial neurosurgery

A very detailed resource regarding preoperative planning in cranial surgery including:
• Lesion localisation and measurements
• Planning of the craniotomy in neuroncology, vascular, skull base, trauma and reconstruction
• Simulation of the approach, and craniotomy
• Skull stripping technique
The original paper is for OsiriX Software (, but the same principles can be applied to other 3D DICOM viewers such as:
• Horos viewer: (
• 3D Slicer: (
• Radiant: (
The original paper can be found in the following link:
Toma Spiriev, Vladimir Nakov, Lili Laleva, Christo Tzekov. OsiriX software as a preoperative planning tool in cranial neurosurgery /10-Oct-2017;8:241./ :
A step-by-step guide for neurosurgical residents.

Video tutorials from the paper

1. The basic interface of the program
2. 2D viewer interface
3. “Mouse button function” menu
4. The window level/window width and color lookup table (WL/WW & CLUT), the ROI tools
5. The 3D viewer
6. 3D volume rendering, the camera manipulation and mouse button functions
7. Estimation of lesion volume
8. Location of the tumor on the cranium and planning of the craniotomy
9. Marking the projection of the lesion by points on the surface of the cranium
10. Outlining the borders of the tumor in the 2D viewer
11. Simulating the craniotomy
12. Skull stripping technique
13. Planning a case of meningioma surgery
14. Preoperative planning in aneurysm surgery