Advanced Cranial Approaches

Translabyrinthine approach

01. Soft tissue dissection
A left side curved incision behind the ear was made elevating a skin flap. The relevant muscles and vessels within the operative field are presented.
02. Bone landmarks
03. Labyrinth and facial nerve exposed
The cortical mastoidectomy was done. The sigmoid and transverse sinuses were exposed, the antrum enlarged revealing the incus bone to the pointing to fallopian canal and the facial nerve, mastoid segment. The labyrinthine block is presented.
04. Semicircular canals opened
The semicircular canals are partially opened to present their anatomy.
05. Facial nerve segments
The labyrinth is removed and the internal accoustic canal exposed. The presigmoid dura, as well as the dura of the IAC was removed presentig the cisternal portion of the facial nerve. The following segments of the facial nerve are visible: Cisternal, Meatal and Mastoid segments.