Basic Cranial Approaches

Minipterional approach

Minipterional approach simulation
Right sided minipterional approach simulation. The craniotomy is below supterior temporal line, centered over the pterion.
1. Bone exposure
Right sided minipterional craniotomy. A curved skin incision is made just behind the hairline from zygomatic arch to the superior temporal line. Soft tissue dissection is done exposing the relevant bone structures and the pterion in the center.
2. Craniotomy
Minipterional craniotomy was done just behind the pterion, exposing the frontal and temporal dura. The sphenoid ridge is drilled to the meningo-orbital band.
3. Sylvian fissure
A C-shaped dural incision is done exposing frontal lobe, temporal lobe as well as the sylvian fissure.