Copenhagen Skull Base Surgery Course 2023 Announcement

Date: September 20th-22th, 2023
Location: Copenhagen University Panum
The hands-on course is aimed at all surgeons with an interest in skull base surgery. 

To develop the understanding of skull base surgical anatomy and to translate this into standard and advanced approaches to the skull base by means of lectures, demonstrations, and anatomical dissections.

Course set-up:
- lectures, demonstrations and hands-on sessions.
- two participants per specimen
- each station is equipped with Aesculap endoscope, Midax Rex drill, Zeiss microscope, suction and a set of surgical instruments supplied by Aesculap Kebomed

- "first come, first serve" basis
course fee with course dinner: DKK 7875 (approximately €1050). The fee includes 6 lectures, 6 hands on sessions, lunch on September 20st, 21st and 22nd and a course dinner. The course dinner will take place on Thursday 21st at 19:00.
course fee without course dinner: DKK 7500 (approximately €1000). The fee includes 6 lectures, 6 hands on sessions, lunch September 20st, 21st and 22nd.
- accommodation is not included

Registration is still open. The course will be available for a maximum of 24 participants.

The dissections from 3D Atlas of Neurological Surgery were performed at the course facility and they can be used as preparation guide for the course. The guide on the advanced cranial approaches can be viewed in detail here.

More information for the course can be found here.