Brain anatomy

Cavernous sinus and the orbit

Cavernous sinus
The anatomy of the cavernous sinus is presented.
The Orbit
Orbital roof is opened, exposing the orbit. The orbital fat and initial anatomy is presented. Ophthalmic nerve as well as supraorbital nerve and artery are presented. The attachment of intraorbital muscles is seen (annulus of Zinn).
In this specimen the ethmoid cells are extending over the optic canal to anterior clinoid process.
Superior orbital fissure
Additional orbital fat is removed exposing the muscles and nerves anatomy within the orbit. The nerves passing from the cavernous sinus trough the superior orbital fissure can be followed to the orbit. The left cavernous sinus is additionally exposed.
Orbit with the optic nerve presented
The levator palpabrae sup. and superior rectus mm. are retracted and the optic nerve can be followed from intracranial to intraorbital segments The cavernous sinus is presented bilaterally.